Universal Prevention Curriculum

The Universal Prevention Curriculum for Substance Use comprises two training series, each addressing the needs of different target groups.

  • UPC Coordinators Series is designed for those wishing to undertake a significant in-depth study of prevention. It is designed for coordinators, managers as well as for practitioners, or for those who wish to undertake a major programme of study (288 hours) in prevention.
  • UPC Implementers Series is written for implementers or practitioners who work with families, in schools, the workplace, and the community

UPC is informed by the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in 2013.

The major role in the development of UPC has been undertaken by Applied Prevention Science International (APSI) led by Dr Zili Sloboda working with international experts in prevention from around the world.

The underlying principles of UPC are to provide a way forward for prevention that is based on: scientific research and evidence; sound quality standards; and an ethical stance in how prevention should be undertaken.

UPC was designed to meet the current demand for a comprehensive training package in the field of drug use prevention, based on evidence-based principles.

Example Materials