Applied Prevention Science International (APSI)

Applied Prevention Science International (APSI) was formed to assist national and international policy makers and practitioners to apply prevention science to address substance use and other related issues within their communities.  Working in collaboration with international organizations, APSI provides advice, consultation, and services to support the interface among science, policy, and practice, including project development and coordination; science-based training and certification of prevention professionals; and evaluation and research efforts in substance use.  The overall purpose is to assist in the development of trained prevention professionals who can implement the most effective and science-proven prevention interventions and policies.

The Role of Law Enforcement in Community-wide Prevention Programming

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Implementing evidence-based prevention programming at the community level warrants the support and involvement of many community resources—schools, health care providers, families, children and social services, faith-based organizations, and law enforcement, to list but a few.

Prevention Portraits

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APSI is running a new series called Prevention Portraits, which includes a selection of informal interviews* with scientists, professionals and other stakeholders who are contributing to prevention knowledge and practice around the world.

Exploring the International Standards of Prevention Practice and Professionalism


As prevention professionals, we are fortunate today to have a collection of evidence-based strategies and interventions that have been shown to work effectively to prevent substance use and other problem behaviors.  The origins of this effective prevention toolbox are the result of over 30 years prevention research, which has provided rigorous scientific evidence of prevention methods that can  achieve the best outcomes.

Prevention Nuggets

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Applying Prevention Science International
APSI's Prevention Nuggets will address topics on prevention science and practice, etiology models, critical theories, ethics, environments for prevention, and many other issues fundamental to evidence-based prevention practice.

Prevention Talk # 1 - A Culture of Prevention: What does that mean and how would it affect research and practice?


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A recent commentary in Prevention Science, [Sloboda, Z., David, S.B. Commentary on the Culture of Prevention. Prev Sci (2020). ] explored the concept of a culture of prevention and what that means to research and practice. The commentary was requested by the Associate Editors of a Special Issue on the topic.

Applied Prevention Science International (APSI)- Upcoming Courses

The APSI Education Centre is running a series of summer courses. Find out more about the events below. Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Policies: New Tools for Prevention Professionals Sep 24, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT Sep 29, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT This course features one of the major outcomes from more than 30 years of prevention science. The term “evidence-based” has long been applied in the medical field and now is a