ISSUP Bahamas Official Launch

The ISSUP Bahamas National Chapter was formally launched on 2 February 2023 at the University of the Bahamas.  The theme for the launch was 'the dawn of a new era in addiction prevention, treatment and recovery'.

This in-person and online event was attended by a variety of organisations in the Bahamas, plus international attendance from CICAD and ISSUP Global.


ISSUP Bahamas Facebook Page

ISSUP Bahamas now have a Facebook page!  To follow us with all our latest developments and news, please head to our official Facebook page which can be found via the link below.



ISSUP Bahamas Launch

The Executive Committee and Members of ISSUP Bahamas National Chapter, in conjunction with its host organization, Sandilands Rehabilitation Center, are pleased to announce the date of their official launch, which will take place on 2 February 2023 at the University of the Bahamas. It's The Dawning of a New Era in Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery.


Treinamento de Violência Escolar

Nos dias 15 e 22 de outubro de 2022, o Instituto Nacional LEAD realizou um Treinamento de Prevenção da Violência Escolar

O Treinamento de Desenvolvimento da Força de Trabalho do Instituto Nacional LEAD para o Ministério da Educação

O Currículo de Prevenção Universal e o Currículo de Tratamento Universal fornecem programas de treinamento para aqueles que desejam desenvolver seus conhecimentos, habilidades e competências profissionais na abordagem da prevenção do uso de substâncias e na prestação de serviços de tratamento para indivíduos e suas famílias.


Treinamento de certificação de facilitadores de MRT

O Instituto Nacional lead facilitou um Treinamento de Certificação de Facilitadores de MRT para treze participantes de diversas agências governamentais. O treinamento ocorreu de 29 de março a 1º de abril de 2022.

Case management and crisis intervention trainings from The National LEAD Institute

The National LEAD Institute, a Community Correctional Organization based in The Bahamas, recently undertook a training session in case management and crisis intervention. Read on for more information about the courses.

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