Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Brother Ronald F. Drahozal - USA, Bangladesh

56 years of experience in the Drug Demand Reduction field at the local, national and international level.

  • Founding Director of the First Drug Rehab Centre (BARCA) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1988 to 1995 - First drug rehabilitation facility in BangladeshBrother Ronald
  • Founder/Executive Director of Second Drug Rehab Centre (APON), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1994 - This grew into a large three building facility outside of Dhaka, consisting of a male dormitory, a female dormitory and a vocational training building. The patients numbered more than 100 and with an additional 40 to 60 young boys, grades one through five, included as students. Brother Ronald provided training for treatment practitioners working with in the substance use treatment field.
  • Founder & Director of a Human and Spiritual Development Programme for college level students at St. Gregory’s School in Bangladesh
  • He advocated for the rights of street children and set up drop-in centres to provide a safe haven for street children. 
  • In recognition of his work, the Bangladeshi government gave several awards to Brother Ronald including a "HERO OF BANGLADESH MEDAL" and dual-citizenship of Bangladesh.
  • Wrote numerous articles on various drug related subjects
  • Founder of programmes for people from different social, economic and religious backgrounds


  • B.A./B.E. St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas, USABrother Ronald
  • High School Teacher
  • After graduating from St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas in 1961, he was assigned as a missionary in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) 
  • Numerous classes/training in counseling, drug rehabilitation and related subjects
  • In house training in drug centresin India, Nepal and USA
  • Attended numerous drug demand reduction related conferences, symposia, WFTC and AFTC, etc.

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