New Online Trainings for Professionals Working in the Field of Substance Use Disorders

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International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA)

In this video, Charlotte Sisson, Senior Foreign Affairs Officer within the Office of Global Programmes and Policy in the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, introduces the audience to the work of the INL, Colombo Plan and ISSUP.

COVID 19 AND BEYOND: Impact on Mental Health

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Organization for Addiction Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation (OAPTAR)
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Topics discussed:

  • Experiencing Covid 19 and the lockdown - psychological effects of the pandemic.
  • Psychological support services available.
  • Delivery of support services available - how and who.
  • What and how we can do better.


Thanks to:

Dr Miriam Cue from Phillipines

Dr Riza Sarasvita from Indonesia

Dr Danai Indrakamhaeng from Thailand

WHO/Europe Factsheet: Policy Action Needed to Reduce Cancers Attributable to Alcohol Use

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This fact sheet provides up-to-date information and guidance on the links between alcohol and a range of cancers, including some of the most common types, such as female breast cancer and colorectal cancer, for those involved in designing and implementing policies that affect public health.

Medios de Comunicación y Uso de Sustancias / Mass Media and Substance Use

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Roberto Canay
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Entrevista realizada por el equipo de la Defensoría del Pueblo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires al Dr. Roberto Canay

Tema: Medios de Comunicación y Uso de Sustancias

Interview conducted by the team of the Ombudsman's Office of the City of Buenos Aires with Dr. Roberto Canay.

Topic: Mass Media and Substances Use

English subtitles

Prevention Nuggets

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Applying Prevention Science International
APSI's Prevention Nuggets will address topics on prevention science and practice, etiology models, critical theories, ethics, environments for prevention, and many other issues fundamental to evidence-based prevention practice.

Tobacco Tactics

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Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG

Tobacco Tactics investigate the strategies and tactics the tobacco industry uses to undermine public health. The organisation use rigorously-sourced profiles of the key players, organisations, allies and techniques of the tobacco industry make Tobacco Tactics a vital resource. Journalists, academics, policy-makers, advocates and researchers use our work because they value our evidence-based approach and accessible style.

Grupo de provedores de programas de prevenção ao uso de substâncias e bem-estar

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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC
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Este grupo do Facebook foi criado para profissionais de prevenção e bem-estar do uso de substâncias para fazer networking e discutir problemas, soluções e sucessos com a implementação de programas de Prevenção Plus Wellness para jovens e adultos em todo os EUA e no mundo.

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Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.

Aprenda tudo sobre kratom com este novo pager e comece a compartilhar em sua comunidade!

Substance Use Among Older Adults Reading List

Around the world, people are living longer, meaning the global population of older adults is increasing.

Older adults are often dealing with multiple health difficulties and are particularly vulnerable to the impact of substance use. There needs to be greater understanding about the reasons why older adults use substances, the potential consequences and the way professionals can work with people to reduce the risk of harm. 

Substance Use in Older Adults Resources

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Substance use disorder (SUD) is a growing issue in adults aged 65 and older in the United States. Older adults are more likely to take prescription medications and experience chronic health problems associated with aging, including chronic pain. These factors, as well as stressors such as grief and loss of independence, may contribute to substance misuse and complicate SUD treatment in older adults. 

Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for Youth & Young Adults

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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC
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Our popular resource page showing healthy lifestyle guidelines for youth and young adults in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, sleep and stress control has just been updated.

These resources can be used by prevention and health professionals and parents to help youth identify and set concrete goals to improve their healthy behaviors.