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I had nothing, and drugs don’t leave”: Young offenders’ perspectives on Alcohol and Other Drugs (AoD)

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This webinar looked at the contexts of young offenders’ alcohol and other drug use and the implications for harm reduction strategies.

The importance of multi-level interventions that move beyond ‘victim blaming’ and ‘individual responsibility’ was discussed and the importance of including consumer perspectives in framing AoD discourses more broadly was explored. 

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Measuring and Operationalising Recovery Capital

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Recovery capital helps us better understand the process of recovering from a substance use disorder and determine the success of recovery and treatment interventions, improve coping strategies, and enhance an individuals’ quality of life in recovery. Understanding how to measure and operationalize recovery capital can help criminal justice and healthcare professionals better serve justice-involved individuals with SUD.

ISAM Webinar Series on COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorders: : A Global Perspective on Challenges and Solutions

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As you all know, the current COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected various populations globally. The International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) believes that the impact of this pandemic on people struggling with Substance Use Disorders could not be overlooked.

Poner fin a las desigualdades para las personas que usan drogas: cómo la respuesta mundial al VIH puede transformar la política de drogas

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International Network of People who Use Drugs

Este evento paralelo para la 65ª Comisión de Estupefacientes se presentó originalmente el 14 de marzo de 2022. Organizado por INPUD, fue copatrocinado por Médicos del Mundo, ONUSIDA, la Sección de VIH/SIDA de la ONUDD, los Países Bajos y Australia.

How wastewater monitoring can boost preparedness for new health threats

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Objective: to explore wastewater analysis as a methodology contributing to EU preparedness and response

Background: COVID-19 has raised the attention of Europe, and globally, on the importance of readiness towards potential emergencies. Improved and innovative monitoring methodologies are at the core of the research-based actions taken to respond to potential threats.

Reaching smoke-free: how can we improve smoking cessation treatment?

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This webinar explored the provision of smoking cessation treatments, including e-cigarettes, in the context of primary care.

It provided an overview of investigations into how smoking cessation treatment provision in the UK could be improved – and the roles prescription e-cigarettes may play – to further reduce the prevalence of smoking and meet England’s smoke-free 2030 target (≤ 5% smoking prevalence).

War: Psychological Skills for Surviving and Coping with Traumatic Events

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ISSUP Ukraine and ITTC-Ukraine Webinar Series

ISSUP Ukraine and ITTC-Ukraine jointly held an initiative dedicated to the ongoing war and the horrific events that resulted from Russian's attack on Ukraine. Ukrainians are currently experiencing extremely traumatic events that will have a direct impact on their mental health for a long time to come.