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Opioid Use Disorder in the Nursing Profession

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International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA)

Presented by Kristin Waite-Labott, RN, BSN, CARN; April Lynn Lenzmeier, RN, DNP; Rachel Shuster, BSN, RN, CARN, CAAP. The American Nurses Association estimates that six to eight percent of nurses use alcohol or drugs to an extent that is sufficient to impair professional performance. Others estimate that nurses generally misuse drugs and alcohol at nearly the same rate (10 to 15 percent) as the rest of the population.

UNODC Escucha Primero

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Una iniciativa de prevención del consumo de drogas de la ONUDD que promueve el bienestar de los niños y jóvenes, sus familias y sus comunidades. Presentadora: Jenny Roston Lundstrom, Coordinadora - UNODC PTRS

Effects of extended-release buprenorphine treatment for opioid dependence

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In this webinar, findings were reported from the CoLAB qualitative study, which aimed to examine the multiple social, material and temporal effects of extended-release buprenorphine depot (BUP-XR) treatment in clients’ lives, among a group of participants receiving BUP-XR in Australia, and considers the situated potentials of these new opioid agonist treatment technologies.

Upcoming Side Event to the CND: "Drug Endangered Children: Identification and Program Success Stories"

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Drug Free America Foundation, National Alliance for Drug Endangered Youth, Turkish Green Crescent Society, and World Federation Against Drugs

Around the globe there are children at risk because they live in homes where a parent or other adult misuses drugs or alcohol. Identifying at risk youth requires cultural knowledge, understanding, awareness, and empathy.

Alcohol and the Environment

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Institute of Alcohol Studies

The Institute of Alcohol Studies presents Seminar Two in its four-part series on alcohol and sustainability. Seminar Two looks at the impact the production, packaging and distribution of alcohol has on both the local and global environment, and what companies should and could do to reduce their impact.

The speakers were:

• Chair and first speaker: Dr Katherine Severi, IAS

• Dr Modi Mwatsama, The Wellcome Trust

Alcohol industry sustainability commitments

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Institute of Alcohol Studies

The Institute of Alcohol Studies presents Seminar Three in its four-part series on alcohol and sustainability.

Seminar Three explores the voluntary commitments on sustainability made by alcohol producers, examining pledges in the wider context of industry corporate social responsibility.

Speakers: • Chair: Professor Jeff Collin, University of Edinburgh • Dr Rob Ralston, University of Edinburgh • Nina Renshaw, NCD Alliance

Conferencia Nacional Checa sobre Sustancias Adictivas Ilegales 2021

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Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
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La Conferencia Nacional sobre Sustancias Adictivas Ilegales 2021 fue organizada por la Secretaría del Consejo de Gobierno para la Coordinación de la Política de Drogas, el Departamento de Política de Drogas de la Oficina del Gobierno de la República Checa. Debido a la evolución actual de la situación epidemiológica, la conferencia se celebró en línea.

Substance Use Among Adolescents: Risk and Protective Factors

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On December 2nd, CICAD's Demand Reduction Unit organised an online event on "Substance Use Among Adolescents: Risk and Protective Factors". The event is part of a series of international dialogues between Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

This webinar provided attendees with information about: