ISSUP Colombia


ISSUP Colombia emerged in December 2022, constituted by three promoting organizations: Corporación Nuevos Rumbos, which is the host organization, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, especially the schools of Human Sciences and Medicine, and Corporación Surgir from Medellín.

The main purposes of ISSUP Colombia are:

• Create links between professionals and entities working at the national level on issues related to research, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation related to drug use.

• Create international cooperation links, particularly in Latin America, but also globally.

• Develop multidisciplinary research projects that contribute to solving several issues related to drug use.

• Promote optimal (evidence-based) prevention and treatment strategies.

• Stimulate that all activities related to drug use are systematically evaluated; this includes offering to treatment centers agile and effective strategies to evaluate their achievements.

• Offer training to professionals interested in improving their practice in the field of prevention and treatment, as well as their research skills.

• Offer advice for the development of research projects.


We invite all professionals who carry out their actions related to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and research of drug use to become members of this great international network, benefit from the knowledge accumulated in different parts of the world, and contribute from their point of view to the improvement of public health

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