Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Courses


These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of the process and elements of treatment and prevention for substance use disorders (SUDs).

The overall goal of the training series is to reduce the significant health, social, and economic problems associated with SUDs by building international treatment capacity through training, professionalizing, and expanding the global treatment and prevention workforce. These trainings prepare counselors for professional certification at the entry level by providing the latest information about SUDs and their treatment and facilitating hands-on activities to develop skills, confidence, and competence.

Every participant has a choice regarding certification. If you wish to apply for CE credits, there will be a series of assessment questions at the end of each module and you must score at least 80% to receive the certificate. It is also possible to complete the course without certification or CE credits.

Congratulations for taking the time to learn more about your work!

UTC 16: Advanced Clinical Skills

UTC 16: Advanced Clinical Skills and Crisis Management provides an in-depth understanding of the theories of counselling and the application of its therapeutic techniques in various SUD

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UTC 7: Crisis Intervention for Addiction Professionals

This course addresses the concept of crisis as a part of life and provides guidelines for crisis intervention, including managing suicide risk. It also addresses ways counsellors can avoid personal crisis situations by providing information and exercises about counsellor self-care.

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This training series is being developed through funding from the U.S. Department of State to The Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (DAP). More information on the Colombo Plan can be found at http://www.colombo-plan.org/.

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