ISSUP Brazil

ISSUP Brazil

Welcome to ISSUP Brazil

The dream of having an ISSUP National Chapter began in July 2016 at the ISSUP Global board meeting in Geneva. At that meeting it became clear that Brazil needed to have an integrated network of volunteers and professionals working in the area of prevention and treatment of drug misuse, supported by an international body based on science and research, promoting evidence-based, high-quality, ethical approaches, policies and practices for the prevention and treatment of substance use.

In Brazil, many prevention and treatment specialists have worked remotely from one another including local and national governments, scientists / academics, and civil society groups, including those based on faith. Through ISSUP Brazil we will have a unique opportunity to bring them together under one identity and one cause.

The Freemind Mobilization, as a host entity, through its Conferences, Events, Marketing and Spirit of Unity, want to collaborate with others and build an opportunity to develop and network, with the national and international community, as well as promote and support resources that help to build the professionalisation of the drug demand reduction workforce.

In Brazil, there are many entities and institutions that do a magnificent job and that need to be connected in a single network. The need is for the professionalisation and development of its network of volunteers and professionals who work in prevention and treatment of substance use, and whose work needs to be based on a multidisciplinary team, promoting evidence-based ethical practice and policies.

Our biggest challenge is to create this network with multipliers who can train and implement this vision in a country of continental size, with different cultures whose work requires help and support and indeed, change.

The ISSUP Global Goals identify the needs that Brazil has in this area. The need is to develop a professional workforce with the necessary skills and abilities to provide high quality, evidence-based and ethical prevention, treatment and recovery services.

The National Chapter of ISSUP Brazil, in tune with its host entity, Freemind Mobilization, has the following objectives:

  • Creation of a large network of associates
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Provision of high quality training
  • Annual and regional events
  • Uniting all Entities and Institutions of the Drug Demand Reduction Sector
  • Operating a board of directors representing the scientific community
  • Operate Marketing, through Social Networks and the Internet

We hope you will join us to help us achieve these objectives.

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