Universal Recovery Curriculum

Recovery from substance use disorders is more than just not using alcohol or other substances. It is more than just going through substance use disorder treatment. It is a long-term process of learning to live life and solve problems without alcohol or other drugs. Long-term support is often necessary for individuals with substance use disorders to achieve and sustain recovery.

Example Materials

URC: Delivering Recovery Support Services

Both of the URC courses focus on equipping participants with core competencies and skills to work as a recovery support professional. One course is designed for those individuals who themselves are in recovery from a substance use disorder and the other is for those individuals who do not identify as being in recovery.

Course 1: Delivering Recovery Support Services: The PEER (Peer Experiences Empower Recovery) Model

This course does not require prerequisite training and is designed to be a stand-alone course so that recovery support professionals can be trained quickly in the field. This course, often referred to as “PEER,” provides a brief foundation that defines substance use disorders and recovery, and then provides the needed information about competencies and skills, including awareness of trauma-informed care, self-care, and boundary setting, to work successfully as a recovery support professional.