Flag of Canada
Drug Policy
  • The National Anti- Drug strategy was launched in 2007 and is led by the department of Justice Canada.
  • There is a government budget for treatment of drug use disorders but not alcohol.
  • Treatment services are primarily tax- based.
  • The Strategy promotes a balance between restricting the supply of drugs and reducing demand for drugs.
Treatment Services
  • Pharmacotherapy for opioid treatment and alcohol withdrawal.
  • Community based needle exchange programmes
  • Supervised injection facilities
  • Outreach services for injecting drug user
  • Medical detoxification and residential rehabilitation is available for both alcohol and drug use disorders
  • The key support for both alcohol and drug disorders come from General Practitioners, (Psychiatric) Nurses and Social Workers.
  • Enhances treatment and support for First Nations and Inuit
Prevention Services

The Prevention Action Plan:

  • Funds the development and implementation of community-based interventions and initiatives to prevent illicit drug use and abuse of prescription drugs, especially among youth;
  • Discourages illicit drug use and prescription drug abuse by providing information directly to youth as well as to their parents and other concerned adults through the Web.
  • Supports development of awareness materials and provision of awareness sessions to school-age youth, parents, professionals, and other community members.
  • Federal mass media campaign particularly targeting youths.
  • Government funding for development of evidence based research on prevention and treatment programmes.
  • School and community based programmes.