Flag of Colombia
Drug Policy
  • Legislation on substance abuse is found in a joint policy for alcohol abuse, drug abuse and mental health.
  • The state government is the most important financing method for prevention services of SUD.
  • There is no government unit or budget line responsible for the prevention or treatment of SUD.
Treatment Services
  • Treatment services for SUD are primarily self- funded and is mainly delivered by psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers.
  • There is pharmacotherapy available for opioid dependency and alcohol withdrawal.
  • There are specialist inpatient and outpatient services for alcohol and drug detoxification.
  • Columbia relies on support from NGOs for treatment of SUD.
Prevention Services
  • Columbia has introduced both school and community based programmes that educate the population about the negative impact of alcohol and drugs.
  • Regular mass media programmes educating about SUD.
  • Aerial and manual spraying of coca plantations with herbicides.
  • With regards to harm reduction, in September 2012 the government of Bogota launched a programme called CAMAD. These are mobile drug centres located in marginalised inner city neighbourhoods where medical and social workers provide care to drug addicts.