Flag of Egypt
Drug Policy
  • The Government of Egypt continues pursue a comprehensive drug control strategy that was developed in 1998 
  • Egypt relies heavily on international arrangements when combatting drugs.
  • Egypt’s strategy seeks to target both the supply of and demand for illicit drugs and has historically relied on criminalization to address drug related crimes.
  • The AntiNarcotics General Administration (ANGA) is the primary Egyptian drug enforcement agency 
  • There is a combined government unit, budget line and policy for alcohol and drug use.
Treatment Services
  • The General Secretariat of Mental Health has developed a new Mental Health Law based on voluntary treatment.
  • Treatment mainly relies on tax based funding.
  • Rehabilitation centres, mainly situated in Egypt’s capital, receive thousands of requests for help from addicts annually.
  • Specialist centres and hospitals offer free treatment, individual counselling and group therapy.
  • There is both inpatient and outpatient medical detoxification and rehabilitation services
  • Narcotic anonymous (NA) is an important treatment option for opioid-dependency
  • There is a free addiction hotline which operates in districts across Egypt 
Prevention Services
  • ANGA is primarily responsible for delivering awareness campaigns, though some government and private sector organisations also run drug awareness activates.
  • There are several media campaigns that are used to promote wellbeing and highlight the impact of drug use.
  • Monthly eradication operations are conducted against cannabis and opium crops in Sinai.
  • There is a focus on ensuring the involvement of young people in the preventive efforts 
  • The family is viewed as an essential input to protect young people from smoking and drugs 
  • In terms of harm reduction there are programmes available to educate about safe sex and safe injection, HIV voluntary counselling and testing, medical services for those in need with special focus on management of sexually transmitted infections
  • Affordable, sterile syringes are available at pharmacies in Egypt.