Meeting of ISSUP Members and Youth Forum Pakistan’s Team Karachi at BMDRC Karachi-Sindh

ISSUP members and Youth Forum Pakistan’s Team in Karachi arranged a wonderful meeting on 14th March, 2020 at Brain & Mind Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Center (BMDRC) in Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. Sajid Iqbal Alyana Member of ISSUP and Member of the Advisory Board Youth Forum Pakistan chaired the meeting and gave a brief orientation. All other participants shared their valuable ideas to bring positive outcomes in providing services in the field of SUD. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Naz President ISSUP Pakistan, Ms. Saima Asghar Director of ISSUP Pakistan and Mr. Muhammad Aslam joined the meeting on the phone and highly appreciated the spirit and willingness to work with this forum and wished them all the best in the journey of spreading awareness and education about Substance Use Prevention. Ms. Sundas Sohail Youth Leader, Karachi Team Youth Forum Pakistan suggested to arrange such meetings on a monthly basis to interact with ISSUP members and the Team Youth Forum Pakistan for the betterment of SUD treatment and the Prevention Field.