Distribution of PPE Suits to Equip Hospital Staff and Sanitary Workers for the Fight Against Coronavirus BY ISSUP Pakistan

In these tough times, we, as ISSUP Pakistan Chapter, have started efforts to help the real heroes of Pakistan, our Doctors, Nurses, medical staff and especially Sanitary Workers, to provide them PPE Suits to fight against Coronavirus.

Ms. Saima Asghar said, "We, as ISSUP Pakistan, have been in contact with our medical community regarding their requirements", she added, “These suits are in line with their specifications as well.”

Mr. Bashir Naz, President ISSUP Pakistan, also highlighted the continuous efforts to be socially responsible. While asked about the rationale behind his new endeavor, he said: “We, as ISSUP Pakistan, have always wanted to lend a helping hand to those in need. This is our country and our duty to assist wherever we can."