Seminar on the Role of Youth in Substance Use Prevention at Sialkot - Pakistan

A seminar on the role of youth in substance use prevention was conducted by Youth Forum Pakistan’s Team Sialkot in collaboration with ISSUP Pakistan at New Life Rehab Center on 20th of June.

Director of ISSUP Pakistan Chapter Ms. Saima Asghar kicked off the Seminar offering a warm welcome to all the team members and audience and shared her views regarding drug abuse prevention. After, Mr. Aslam, the President of M.A Jinnah Foundation and advisory board member of Youth Forum Pakistan, shared his view on the topic of the event.

Then starting from the President of Sialkot team Ms. Iqra Tahir, General Secretary Mr. Saqlain, Information Secretary Ms.Khinsha and Event manager Muhadisa  and Ali Hussain, Executive Member contributed their words and their dedication of working on the behalf of the team that in future how this problem can be addressed and further workable processes would be led to meet the goals of ISSUP Pakistan & Youth Forum Pakistan Drug Abuse Prevention. Sharing the views and taking feedback from the audience the event came to its end with the future commitment and dedication and after that honorary shields were also distributed among active members of ISSUP Pakistan.