WORLD FEDERATION AGAINST DRUGS' East African Regional Forum on Prevention and Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol

The East African Regional Forum on Prevention and Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol

that was organized by the World Federation against Drugs in collaboration with Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL), International Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations (IFNGO), Slum Child Foundation, Students' Campaign Against Drugs (SCAD), People Against Drug Dependence and Ignorance (PADDI), Drug Free American Foundation Inc and the Carlton Hall consulting LLC and held from Tuesday 4th -6th February 2020. The workshop was hosted at Nyumbani Hotel in Kampala Uganda.

We appreciate the invited speakers who came to Kampala-Uganda from more than 5 countries, as well as the nearly 60 people who participated in the intensive three days of discussions.


The representative from World Federation Against Drugs, informed the participants that WFAD is a multilateral community of non-governmental organisations and individuals. He stated that the work of WFAD is built on the principles of universal fellowship and basic human and democratic rights. WFAD has around 250 member organizations over the world, in all continents. Ms. Regina Mattson added that WFAD’s partners are in the field of advocacy, prevention, care, harm reduction as part of a chain, treatment and recovery with the joint aim to work towards a drug-free world.

Mr. Esbjorn who joined the meeting via a skype call thanked the participants for attending the forum and informed them that they should use the forum to share expertise, discuss success stories they have, to discuss failures and how to change the world because NGOs are needed in society. He further informed the members that in a couple week Commission of narcotic and drugs will meet in Vienna and will be attended by ambassadors, ministries and other actors to discuss issues especially on legislation. He called upon the members to stand united, those in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery not to forget the mission. Always continue how to engage with governments because they are responsible for the people

Esbjorn added that apart from the United Nation Conventions on Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, the work of WFAD is guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Participants were informed that according to the new 10 years strategic plan WFAD will include two new subjects:

  1. Women’s specific situation
  2. Children and Convention on Rights of a Child (CRC)

Mr. Rogers Kasirye, the Executive Director Uganda Youth Development Link emphasized the importance of engagement with other stake holders in field of fighting drugs, he called upon CSOs to utilize the various platforms available and he stated that governments have now realized the importance of NGO work in improving the livelihood of the community especially in prevention because they believe treatment is expensive and given that 80% of the African population is young, prevention strategies are the best.


Dr. David Kalema made a presentation about the experiences of the East Africa Alcohol Policy alliance

(EAAPA). In his speech, he noted that the East African counties are among the heaviest alcohol consumers on the African continent. The current alcohol crisis is not unique to Uganda as the entire Sub Saharan Africa battles alcohol harm. He informed participants that there is a general consensus that alcohol misuse is more prevalent nowadays due to a combination of factors such as the type of alcohol, altered production and consumption patterns, wider availability, and changing cultural practices and social control mechanisms. The consumption of alcohol in pre-colonial times was characterized by low alcohol by volume beer and wines (2-4%), which were fermented from food products.

Also, alcohol was produced in particular seasons and in many cases only used for traditional rituals and

Reserved for respected elders. Drinking occurred in the homesteads during weekends and holidays and waslargely ceremonial, emphasizing the ritual rather than intoxication. The drinking terrain drastically changed with the commercialization of alcohol and to date we are witnesses to unregulated production and unethical promotions to lure among others; the young generation into alcohol use.

The difference between Uganda and other countries in the same region lies in policy response. Our neighbors such as Kenya, Zambia, Lesotho, South Africa have initiated control measures in terms of legislating use of alcohol. This calls for urgent attention on part of Uganda to follow suit and strongly come out to institute similar initiatives. It is against this background that UAPA has organised this stake holders’ forum to come up with a united front to this challenge. UAPA is a network organisation with a mission “To provide a platform for individuals and civil society organizations to contribute to policy and processes on regulation of alcohol production, distribution and consumption to prevent alcohol related harm among the Uganda population”. UAPA’s membership is open to members of the civil society who are interested in alcohol prevention and control; provided they are not connected to the alcohol industry. UAPA is a member of a bigger global move; Global and Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) and East African Alcohol Policy Alliance (EAPA) and has for the last couple of years been an active participant in the activities of the above associations where we have learnt the important role played by policy in mitigating alcohol problems. We have learnt that Sub-Saharan African is the new battle ground for alcohol producing companies and countries like Uganda with a combination of a growing economy coupled with a young population and high consumption levels presents strategic location and economic interests for the industry. Legislation is the cheapest and most effective way of controlling alcohol harm. To achieve her mission EAPA undertakes several advocacy, awareness and membership capacity building activities.

Mr. Eze Eluchie shared about the importance of harmonizing regional groupings especially for East Africa which can be used lobby for better policies within the region giving reference to their West African network for CSO on substance abuse. He stressed that the End goal of the Regional should be to impact on policy within the East African Community. However, he advised that the network needs to be driven by the goal not self-greed. He advised that their need to be consistence in doing business in order not to set adrift from the gaol and the network should be guided by the vision of WFAD.

He also shared that the members can come up and sign on a joint outcome document to be presented to the policy makers within the region such that efficacy of the network is felt. The network can also be used as platform to build capacity of the different CSO’s with the region and also information sharing among the neighbor such that what is done in one country and is very good can be replicated as a best practice in another country.

Overall the Forum was a success and a lot of recommendations were made to address the world drug problem.


List of participants

     No     Name                                               Organisation                                          Country

  1.  Augusto Nogueira                            IFNGO                                                     Malaysia
  2. Regina Mattison                                WFAD                                                      Sweden
  3. Juliet Namukasa                                 International AidServices Uganda          Uganda
  4. Gladness Munud                                 CRC                                                        Tanzania
  5. Zainabu Makombe                              HCT                                                        Tanzania
  6. Hellen Alice Nondi                             FOHTC                                                   Kenya
  7. Eliphas Were                                       KEYNET                                                Kenya
  8. Okello Chrispine                                 Child Space Organisation Kenya            Kenya
  9. Jane Mwangi                                       Willing Way Recovery Center                Kenya
  10. Nalumansi Sumayiya                          Kawempe Youth Development               Uganda
  11. Ngozi Nwankwo Daniel                      Nunsaulo Foundation                              Nigeria
  12. Anguria Michael                                  Saf-Teso                                                  Uganda
  13. Lydia Agemo Manu                             Willing Foundation Ghana                      Ghana
  14. Kikome Ruth                                        Recovery Solutions                                 Uganda
  15. Water Auma                                        SCAD                                                      Kenya
  16. Masitula Kisakye                                UGGA                                                      Uganda
  17. Wanyana Mary Winty                         UNACOH                                                Uganda
  18. Tumwikiriza Apollo                           Trust Future Uganda                                 Uganda
  19. Mugume Eliab                                    Brotherhood Restoration Uganda              Uganda
  20. Siboniyo Elias                                    Community Out Reach Burundi                Burundi
  21. Micheal Marwa                                  C-Sema                                                      Tanzania
  22. Carlton Hall                                        CHC                                                          USA
  23. George Ochieng                                 Slum Child Foundation                             Kenya
  24. Phaedon Kaloteraus                           WFTC                                                       Greece
  25. Nabulya Anna                                     UYDEL                                                    Uganda
  26. Billy Batware                                      UNODC                                                   Austria
  27. Mpyangu Denis                              Swanyi Nansana CollisionAgainst Drugs    Uganda
  28. Sempiira Edward                            Life Back Foundation Uganda                     Uganda
  29. Nassanga Margaret                         UAPA                                                           Uganda
  30. Carol Mulyowa                               Hope And Beyond Uganda                          Uganda
  31. Catherine Boyane                            Nakuru Drop In Center Cbo                        Kenya
  32. Mildred Auma                                  Kisimu Disab S H Group                            Kenya
  33. Rontaear Tad                                    Conter Pointer                                             Usa
  34. Sushma Taylor                                 Wftc                                                             Usa
  35. Nakijoba Barbara                             UYDEL                                                       Uganda
  36. Winnie Kimera                                Somero Uganda                                          Uganda
  37. Bbale Drake Thamsone                   CAYEL                                                      Uganda
  38. Nanziri Immaculate                         UYDEL                                                      Uganda
  39. Ssewali Mark                                   UYDEL                                                      Uganda
  40. Brian Mugo                                      Csa YAADSA CBO                                  Kenya
  41. Sammy Gachary                               Daac International                                     Kenya
  42. Mutawe Rogers                                UYDEL                                                     Uganda
  43. Jumba Bem                                       Kfm                                                           Uganda
  44. Muyingo Joseph                                Delta Tv                                                    Uganda
  45. Nicholas Kajoba                               Nzirision                                                    Uganda
  46. Musoke Twaha                                 EYDI                                                         Uganda
  47. Katongole Isa                                    Nansana Childrens Center                        Uganda
  48. Muhammad Wammala                     Salt Media                                                 Uganda
  49. Gibson Johnson                                UYDEL                                                     Sweden
  50. Elin Awidsson                                  UYDEL                                                     Sweden
  51. Sarafehn Syler                                  UYDEL                                                     Sweden
  52. Josephine Nakibuuka                       Fight Drug Abuse                                      Uganda
  53. Felicia Nyngayen                             UYDEL                                                      Sweden
  54. Namubiru Grace                               Record Tv                                                  Uganda
  55. Assimwe Dorcus                              Nina Olugero Foundation Uganda             Uganda
  56. Ddumba Lawrence                           Nbs Tv                                                       Uganda
  57. Mayanja Joseph                                Delta Tv                                                     Uganda
  58. Paul Mugamba                                  Delta Tv                                                     Uganda
  59. Saidat Namusoke                              Ubc Tv                                                        Uganda
  60. Lydia Kyomukama                           Ubc Tv                                                        Uganda
  61. Sarah Maziwe                                   New Vision                                                 Uganda
  62. Ziraba Muzale Davidi                      Capital Fm                                                   Uganda
  63. Batte Andrew                                   UYDEL                                                       Uganda
  64. Eze Elucluie                                     PADDI                                                        Nigeria
  65. Richard Shilamba                             Cheso                                                          Tanzania
  66. Paul Kogi Mburu                              Sober life Society                                       Kenya
  67. Lubega Andrew                                UYDEL                                                      Uganda
  68. Kasirye Rogers                                 UYDEL                                                      Uganda

Participants during the WFAD Forum Session

Esbjorn making his presentation via skype

Mr. Rogers Kasirye, the Executive Director of UYDEL making his presentation

Organiser's logos

Female representatives making presentations

UNODC representative, Mr. Billy Batware making his presentation

Participants at the WFAD Regional Forum

Participants at the Forum

Some of the guest speakers at the Forum

Regina Mattson conducting interview with the press