Carmen Orte, PhD

Carmen Orte

"Carmen Orte Socias has a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Educational Sciences. She is a Chair Professor at University of Balearic Islands (UIB). She has 4 recognized five-year teaching periods and 4 six-year research periods. She has active researcher of excellence.

She is the lead researcher on issues of family prevention programs based on scientific evidence of the Educational and Social Research and Training Group (GIFES). "

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The Positive Youth Development project for university undergraduates studying Social Education in University of Balearic Islands (Spain) aimed at improving their skills and attitudes by allowing them to take an active role in prevention activities following UNODC recommendations. It consists of training in an evidence-based family prevention programme of drug abuse and other behavior problems for vulnerable adolescents.

The study sample is made up of 75 students in the third year in Social Education degree. The study design is ex post facto based on the collection of pre-post measurements with control group (n=46).

Data have been collected on prosocial behaviors, drug use and family relationships, and information on their skills

Criterial interpretation is organized in levels (1 to 4) and is solved with a matrix created from the normative score grouping S (90-99 very high; 70-89 high; 31-69 medium; 11-30 low; 1-10 very low).

Results indicate two weak points in the interpersonal area (Self-control-Emotional stability S=40.42; criterial score (CS)=1.97; Resistance to adversity S=38.55) and in the managerial area CS=1.96).

Profile of the students' skills development provides strengths and weaknesses to improve the training experience with the aim of empowering young people as active agents of prevention

Other author names

  • María Valero
  • Marga Vives
  • Belén Pascual
  • Lidia Sánchez-Prieto



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