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Kyprianou, E., Mina, Ch., Stylianou, K., Yiasemi, I., Gaist, B., Symeonidou E., Matheou, M., & Mavrou, J. (2023). National implementation of quality standards in prevention and treatment services for substance use/addictions – A case study of Cyprus. Adiktologie, 23(1), 41–46.
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National Implementation of Quality Standards in Prevention and Treatment Services for Substance Use/ Addictions – A Case Study of Cyprus


The Cyprus National Addictions Authority (NAAC) is the main coordinating body for all matters related to licit and illicit substances as well as pathological gambling in Cyprus and it is responsible, inter alia, for the licensing, evaluation, funding (where possible), coordination, and reinforcement of all programmes, actions, and activities related to substances and gambling. Licensing and funding are based on the fulfilment of certain criteria and a certain level of quality.


The process that led to the establishment of a quality standards system for licensing and funding all programmes that are implemented in Cyprus (treatment, prevention, harm reduction, etc) is described.


The challenges and benefits of the quality assurance process are discussed.


The most important aspect in the case of Cyprus is that there was legislation to support this effort and ensure the implementation of the quality standards. Training of the relevant actors is also considered important for ensuring the implementation of the quality standards. No evaluation of the implementation process of the quality standards has yet been implemented, but one would be of added value.

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