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Drug Policy
  • Romania's National Anti-Drug Strategy is structured around the two pillars of drug demand reduction and drug supply reduction.
  • In Romania, prevention activities are developed based on guiding principles outlined in the National Anti-Drug Strategy 2013-20 and the corresponding Action Plan for 2013-16, and are coordinated by the National Anti- Drug Agency.
Treatment Services
  • In general, drug treatment is funded from the public budget, and, as such, is free of charge for clients.
  • In Romania, outpatient drug treatment is provided through a network of drug prevention, evaluation and counselling centres.
  • The outpatient system provides integrated care services, psychosocial treatment and case management, while specialised medical, psychological and social services for psychosocial reintegration of drug users is available through an inpatient network.
Prevention Services
  • In Romania, schools are the primary setting for universal prevention activities. Standard information activities continue to play a significant part in drug use prevention as well as personal skills development and peer-based training.
  • Family prevention programmes have mainly been implemented at the local level and aim to increase parents’ awareness of substance use risks
  • In 2015, the National Programme for Prevention and Medical, Psychological and Social Support for Drug Users 2015-18 was adopted; it provides funding for clean injecting equipment
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