December 2017

19th International Congress on Addictions: "Dual Disorders and Comorbidity Associated with Substance Use"

Location: Cancun, Mexico

In recent years, it has become evident that in order to better understand the phenomenon of psychoactive substance use and its implications for physical and mental health, a multidimensional approach is necessary, since there are many and varied aspects involved in the consumption of psychoactive substances and the development of addictions. Among people with a substance use disorder there is a high prevalence of psychiatric comorbidity, dual pathology, which entails significant difficulties, such as those inherent in evaluation and treatment.

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19th International Congress on Addictions

Location: Cancun, Mexico


The 19th International CIJ Congress welcomed 2,500 participants and focused on "Dual Disorders and Comorbidity Associated with Substance Use". It was held in conjunction with the World Association of Dual Disorders (WADD) and the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP).

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Teambuilding Activity with Students from Ranaq-e-Islam School during an Evidence Based School Intervention

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

The Drug Abuse Prevention Awareness Program for Students/Youth aims:

  • To assess the use of drugs among youth in schools in an open discussion
  • To enhance the knowledge of students about soft drug use and its ill effects
  • To promote the concept of “Anti-Drug”
  • To teach how to say” NO”
  • To promote the facilitation of trained teachers among youth
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