June 2017

43rd Alcohol Epidemiology Symposium

Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

The primary purpose of the symposium is to provide a forum for researchers involved in studies on alcohol to exchange ideas about their ongoing research. The scope of the symposium includes studies of determinants and consequences of drinking, drinking culture and drinking patterns, social and institutional responses to drinking related harms, prevention and care.

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SHAAP/IAS Seminar Series: Women, Alcohol, and Stigma

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) and the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) are co-hosting a four part seminar series to discuss issues relating to women and alcohol. 

The second seminar in the series, 'Women, Alcohol, and Stigma' will be held at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh on Friday, 9th June, 2017 between 2-4pm. 

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‘Alcohol Occasional’ Seminar

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) and the Scottish Alcohol Research Network (SARN) will host ‘Alcohol Occasional’ seminars with the aim of showcasing innovative research on alcohol use and providing the chance for researchers, practitioners and policy makers and members of the public to hear and discuss alcohol related topics. 

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Webinar: Use of the Electronic Medical Record in Prevention Research

Location: Webinar, United States

Medicine: Mind the Gap is a webinar series that explores research design, measurement, intervention, data analysis, and other methods of interest for prevention science.

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Global Forum on Nicotine 2017

Location: Warsaw, Poland

The fourth Global Forum on Nicotine will comprise plenary sessions, symposia, panel discussions and poster presentations on the topic ‘Reducing Harm, Saving Lives’. The programme will examine the rapidly developing science in relation to nicotine use and the changing landscape, including policy responses and the influence of different stakeholders in this.

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Moving beyond Patient and Public Involvement in Alcohol Research

Location: London, United Kingdom

Alcohol Research UK and Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, are delighted to announce a joint one day workshop on patient and public involvement in research where we will explore different ways to design and assess research that aims for co-production.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is a requirement for most publicly funded research in the UK, but what it is and how to do it well is not so straightforward. This is particularly the case if the intention is to design, conduct and translate co-productive research.

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2017 NIDA International Forum

Location: Montreal, Canada

The 2017 NIDA International Forum will be held June 16–19, 2017 in Montreal, Canada.

The research symposium, poster session, and network-building activities focus on the range and quality of drug abuse research conducted around the world. Participants meet colleagues and learn about drug abuse research and policy issues in other countries as well as the NIDA-supported fellowships and other programmes that can support international collaborations.

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2017 ICUDDR Conference

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

The International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) conference offers a great opportunity to learn about substance use university education, training, research, international collaboration and networking, and substance use professionals.

The main conference will be held in Prague on June 20-21, 2017 with pre-conference events and workshops on June 19, 2017. 

Click here to register for the conference!

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Tobacco and the Emergence of E-Cigarettes: Addressing the Unmet Needs in Mental Health

Location: Webinar, United States

Tobacco remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, and disproportionately affects people with mental illness. E-cigarette use is increasing in the United States and people with mental illness are reporting use that is greater than the general population. Psychiatrists are being faced with questions about use and risks regularly or are often unsure what to recommend to patients.

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Alcohol and Drugs History Society Conference

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

The next conference of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society will be held at Utrecht University from June 22 - 25, 2017. This year's theme is Drinking and Drug Policies in History: Contextualizing Causes and Consequences.

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Care4You Conference

Location: Toronto, Canada

CARE4YOU 2017 is a conference that cares for those who care for others. High-stress and trauma-exposed work creates a unique climate with increased risk for serious stress and burnout. The consequences of this can, in turn, seriously affect individuals personally and the organisations they work for.

Who should consider attending CARE4YOU?

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2017 WHO Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

The World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse organizes, for the first time, the Global Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours (FADAB) with a primary goal to enhance public health actions in these areas by strengthening partnerships and collaboration among public health oriented organizations, networks and institutions in the era of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG 2030).

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European Drugs Summer School

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The 2017 'Summer School on Illicit Drugs Europe' will take place from 26 June to 7 July 2017. The summer school will focus on the drugs problem in Europe and beyond involving scientific experts from the EMCDDA and guest lecturers from European universities.

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3rd International Conference on Public Policy

Location: Singapore, Singapore

The International Public Policy Association (IPPA) is pleased to invite you to the 3rd International Conference on Public Policy which will take place at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS), Singapore from Wednesday 28th June to Friday 30th June 2017. This conference is organised in conjunction with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

As a part of the conference, a panel is being organised on drug policy analysis.

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