European Action for Employment in Recovery

A new European project has been developed to provide individuals in recovery from substance use in Scotland the opportunity to a part in a work and learning experience in another European country.

The European Action for Employment in Recovery (EAER) aims to deliver positive and long-lasting effects on employability and increase the number of employment opportunities for people who have had substance use problems.

This new scheme is a part of the Addiction Worker Training Project (AWTP) - a unique initiative run by Scottish Drugs Forum that supports, trains, and prepares individuals with a history of problematic drug and alcohol use to work in Social Care.

European Action for Employment in Recovery project is supported by Erasmus, the Dutch Foundation for Innovation in Welfare to Work, Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento (APDES) in Portugal and Comunità La Tenda Cooperativa Sociale from Perugia in Italy.