The Journey of a Village Boy to a Global Man

After long struggle, dedication and commitment, I finally received the prestigious Global Runner Up Award in the field of Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) in the Early Career category at the NACADA, ISSUP and AU Drug Demand Reduction Conference, 10th - 14th December, 2018. Since my inspiration from the 6th Asian Youth Congress held in Bali, Indonesia in 2008. The Youth Congress was organized by Colombo Plan and supported by INL, U.S. Department of State. This was a major breakthrough in my career from where I channelized my motivation and activities in the field of Substance Use Prevention & Youth Empowerment. At this moment, I would like to acknowledge people and organizations who have helped me in achieving my goals and objectives. It wouldn't have been possible without all your lovely support and guidance throughout my journey in the field of DDR. I will always be indebted to Brian Morales for his encouragement, lovely guidance and kind support. I am very proud to be working with you, and contributing our small part to make our common goals accomplished.

I am very much grateful to INL-U.S. Department of State  and the ISSUP family especially Ms. Diana Crossan, Ms. Livia Edegger, Mr. Andrew Thompson, Ms. Joanna Travis-Roberts, Ms. Edie O'Dowd and Mr. Jeff Lee for their kind coordination and guidance. I will always be indebted to the INL/ISSUP family for your encouragement, guidance and support.