Inspiring Meeting with Ms. Sara Hashwani X - Chairperson of Hashoo Foundation on 7 February, 2019 in Islamabad, Pakistan

It was indeed a pleasure meeting with Madam #SarahHashwani after long long time and discuss my achievements, contribution and future plan regarding substance use prevention and youth empowerment mainly in Pakistan and around the globe on 7th February, 2019 in the Hashoo House in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ms. Sara Hashwani's vision had inspired several people through their personal and professional career. I am very blessed to have a guidance from a leader like you.

Also a big thanks for #presenting your #father's #book which is an honour for me. This is a very good source of knowledge and guidance in building one's life. Ms. Sara Hashwani and her family have been a source of inspiration and for inspiring youth around the globe.

Sarah Hashwani


Sarah Hashwani was a bright student from an early age, and graduated from Islamabad International School with honors in 1998. She moved out of her native city Karachi to study in Houston, Texas at the University of St. Thomas. It was there where she received her bachelor's degree in December 2003 with a major in finance and a minor in philosophy. Three years later Sarah became a strong advocate for social work and participated in numerous outreach events. She is currently the chairman of the Hashoo Foundation, which was established in 1988 based upon a mission of empowering others to improve their standard and quality of life. Among these issues are the socio-economic and educational development for children in poverty, and social welfare and emergency relief. The foundation also focuses its attention on creating more opportunities for women, through educational programs and job resources. Sarah established her own project "Plan Bee," under the coordination of the Hashoo Foundation. Pakistani women in the north are given the opportunity to sell their top-rated honey to hotels throughout the country. North Pakistan is a key area for development because it is primarily a conservative, male-dominated city, in which beekeeping is one of the few socially accepted sources of employment for women. Plan Bee has been exceptionally successful in assisting women, and is a key example of the foundation's successes in empowering women. Sarah is included in the "Global Philanthropic Circle" comprising more than 70 families from around the world engaged in Philanthropy, which is managed by the daughter of David Rockerfeller, Peggy Dulany.


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