Priorities for UNODC Work on Drug Prevention and Treatment in Southeastern Europe

Experts and policy makers from Southeastern European countries together with UNODC staff

The programme of work of UNODC in any region of the world is developed in a consultative process together with the concerned Member States. That is why UNODC organised a Regional Consultative Meeting on the Development of the Sub-Programme 3 “Drug use prevention and treatment of substance use disorders” held on 16-17 May 2019 in Skopje, North Macedonia. The workshop brought together more than 30 experts and policy makers from the countries of Southeastern Europe  who jointly worked to identify priorities for the new UNODC regional programme  2020-2023. Priorities related to the prevention of substance use, drug use and other risky behaviours, as well as the provision of treatment, health care, social protection and rehabilitation services for people with drug use disorders, in the context of an approach to addressing the world drug problem that is based on science, ethical concerns and addressing gender and socio-economic inequalities.

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