SPR: Call for Papers for Special Issue

The Society for Prevention Research is gathering research for a forthcoming special issue of the journal Prevention Science.

The title of the special edition is “Transparency, Openness, and Reproducibility: Implications for the Field of Prevention Science”.

There are ongoing concerns about research waste, scientific misconduct, and lack of replication. To safeguard the credibility of the scientific enterprise, researchers and other interested stakeholders have begun to list, develop, and implement transparent, open, and reproducible workflows.

This special issue, Transparency, Openness, and Reproducibility: Implications for the Field of Prevention Science, seeks to address a variety of issues related to the topics of transparency, open science, and reproducibility as they intersect with the field of prevention science.

Multiple perspectives on these issues will be discussed and considered, including those of researchers, research institutions, program developers, journals, funders/sponsors, and educators of the next generation of prevention scientists. 

SPR welcome papers on topics related to ethics, diversity, and inclusion in open science in the prevention field.

Authors interested in contributing a manuscript for this special issue are asked to submit a letter of intent by April 1, 2020.

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