The Balearic Islands Introduce Laws to Reduce Binge-Drinking Holidays

The Balearic Islands- including Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera- are highly popular tourist destinations, which is renowned for its nightlife.

Unfortunately, along with the partying, there has seen a rise in anti-social behaviour linked with heavy and harmful binge drinking.

To try and tackle the issue, Spain's Balearic islands have passed a bill to deter certain behaviours and practices associated with heavy alcohol consumption.

Under the new regulations, alcohol is prohibited from being sold in late-night stores. Any store caught selling alcohol between the hours of 9.30 pm and 8 am face fines of up to €600,000 or risk being closed down for three years. The regulation also bans vending machines selling alcohol and party boats are no longer allowed to advertise in the three areas or pick up/drop off passengers there. 

The region's government tourism chief, Iago Negueruela, said:

"the law is a novelty in Europe and that it’s aimed at improving the quality of tourism on the islands and the wellbeing of both tourists and residents...this law could also have great repercussions outside of Spain."