UNODC Strategic Vision for Africa 2020-2030

On entering the Decade of Action 2030, UNODC recognizes the need to increase efforts in Africa. UNODC proposes adopting a ‘business unusual’ approach in order to support Africa towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and priority goals of the African Union Agenda 2063. UNODC pledges to work with Africa to better address a significant number of issues critical for Africa’s stability, safety, security and health and to leave no one behind.

As communicated by Executive Director, Ms. Ghada Waly, during Africa Day in May 2020, UNODC is developing its Strategic Vision for Africa 2020-2030 which proposes accelerated and enhanced levels of cooperation with Africa in the areas of drug control, crime prevention, terrorism prevention, anti-corruption and addressing transnational organized crime. 

UNODC is inviting stakeholders to inform and be part of a consultative process to collect advice, insights, input and recommended approaches in response to needs and priorities.

To guide the reflection, we would be grateful if you could provide your views and inputs through this online questionnaire which poses the following questions:

  1. What key challenges does Africa face over the next decade with regard to drug control, addressing transnational organized crime, crime prevention and criminal justice systems? On which gaps or cross-cutting issues should UNODC focus more?

  2. Which solutions do you propose to address these challenges and how can UNODC support these efforts?

  3. How can UNODC support you to build bridges between Member States and civil society networks?

  4. How can UNODC work better with CSOs or the private sector to widen funding opportunities to address those challenges?

  5. Which national, regional and international partners would you propose for UNODC to collaborate with to address these challenges?

  6. What role do you see for civil society organizations and communities in realizing the opportunities and addressing the challenges you have identified?

Please note that the deadline for providing input via the online questionnaire is midnight (CET) on Friday 3 July 2020.
Inputs can be provided in Arabic, English or French. 

Answers or further inputs can also be provided directly by email to sarah [dot] vanderveen [at] un [dot] org.

The main outcomes of the consultative process of the UNODC Strategic Vision for Africa 2020-2030 will be available as a presentation in August 2020. Using the online form, please indicate whether you would like to receive a copy of this presentation by email.

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