WHO Alcohol Brief Intervention Training Manual for Primary Care (2017)

Published by
World Health Organization

Alcohol contributes significantly to the disease and mortality burden in the WHO European Region, and primary health care systems play an important role in reducing the impact of harmful alcohol use. Screening and brief interventions (SBIs) for alcohol are an evidence-informed approach to addressing the needs of the many patients presenting in primary care who may benefit from reducing their alcohol consumption. This manual provides information to plan training and support for primary care practitioners to confidently deliver SBI for alcohol problems to their patients. The manual outlines the background and evidence base for SBI, and gives practical advice on establishing an implementation programme as well as detailed educational materials to develop the knowledge and skills of participants in organized training sessions.

The training manual has eight core units, including the context of the course (Unit 1), background to alcohol and its harms (Units 2 and 3), evidence for brief interventions and how to deliver them (Units 4, 5, 7 and 8), and how to screen for harmful use of alcohol (Unit 6).