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Adiktologie Journal
Adiktologie Journal

Adiktologie is an international journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific reports on psychoactive substance use, behavioural addictions and related issues. 

Articles within the latest edition include:


  • There is no safe level of alcohol consumption – the Lancet 2018 late summer update
  • Supporting Research in non-English speaking countries 


  • Preventable mortality caused by the use of alcohol in Slovakia from the regional and socio-economic perspective 
  • University Education of Social Workers in Addictological Issues 
  • eHealth Intervention for Smoking Cessation for Czech Tobacco Smokers: Pilot Study of User Acceptance in Europe and the USA: a review 
  • Predictors of the Successful Treatment of Addiction to Heroin  
  • The First Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility in the Czech Republic: a case study of the Tuchlov institution (1923–1938) and Other Illicit Opioids. Systematic review 


  • HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Czech Republic and Related Factors: Comparison of Key Populations of People who Inject Drugs
    and Men who Have Sex with Men 


  • Development of Addiction to Intranasal Fentanyl in a Cancer Patient 


  • Two staff members and a student from the Department of Addictology participated actively in the Third Annual Conference of the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction 2018 in San Diego 


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