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ADIKTOLOGIE is an international journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific reports on psychoactive substance use, other behavioural addictions and related issues.

The latest journal edition includes the following:

Original Articles
  • Infectious and Other Somatic Comorbidity in People who Inject Drugs – Results of a Cross-sectional Survey 
  • At-risk Adolescents in the Czech Republic
  • Resilience, Authenticity, Emotionality, and Vulnerability to Alcohol Dependence among Slovak University Students
  • Screening of Hazardous and Harmful Alcohol Consumption in a Primary Health Care Setting and in a General Population Survey 
  • Typology of Adolescents in Terms of their Leisure-time Substance Use 
  • Evaluation of a Czech Adaptation of the Boys and Girls Plus Prevention Programme 
  • Loneliness and the Prospect of Abstinence in Addicts in the Context of the Ecosystem Meta-theory of Social Work
  • The Role of Teachers in the Correction of Descriptive Normative Beliefs 

Review Articles

  • Problem Opioid Use in the Czech Republic from a Historical Perspective: Times are Changing but Opioid Pharmaceuticals Remain



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