Single-session & Other Brief Interventions for Preventing Youth Alcohol, Marijuana, E-cigarette & Opioid Use

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Chudley Edward Werch, PhD
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We recently presented a webinar on brief interventions for preventing youth substance use.  Because it was a completely filled session, I wanted to provide a description of the main points covered in the webinar for those who had not had an opportunity to attend it.    


Brief prevention interventions, particularly those that are just one-session in length, have the critical advantage of being more widely accepted for implementation in busy settings such as schools and can therefore reach a larger and broader youth population than lengthier or more intensive programs.

Brief interventions that also integrate substance use prevention with the promotion of healthy lifestyles are likely to be of greater interest and therefore have greater participation by youth, parents, schools, communities and funding agencies than more narrowly targeted and risk-based only prevention programs.

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