Effectiveness Bank Alcohol Treatment Matrix: Effectiveness of Screening and Brief Interventions

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Drug and Alcohol Findings
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First instalment of a fortnightly course on the evidence for alcohol treatment and related topics. This instalment selects, explains and explores seminal and key research on the effectiveness of screening and brief interventions, intended to reduce harm across a population of heavy but not dependent drinkers. Highlights the SIPS studies, the most significant to date in the UK, and helps develop evidence-informed understandings of four key questions:

Do the SIPS results mean, ‘Just do the minimum’?
How ‘real world’ are supposedly real-world trials?
Even if brief interventions were effective, are they now?
How strong is the evidence for the UK in particular?

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One of 25 cells in the Alcohol Treatment Matrix (https://findings.org.uk/PHP/dl.php?file=amatrix.php&s=ml) mapping seminal and key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

“The best one-stop site for all current research into a range of alcohol and drug issues. The treatment matrices are invaluable in terms of making most efficient use of time.”

John Thayers Recovery and Quality Improvement Officer, Midlothian and East Lothian Drugs and Alcohol Partnership (MELDAP), Scotland


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