US National Treatment Plan for Substance Use Disorder 2020

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"In 2018, nearly 89% of the estimated 20.2 million Americans with a substance use disorder (SUD) did not receive specialized treatment for their condition—a disparity known as the “treatment gap”. Today, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy is pleased to release the President’s National Drug Control Strategy and the accompanying National Treatment Plan, an evidence-based framework to increase Americans’ access to high-quality SUD treatment and support those in long-term recovery.

The Treatment Plan addresses the many reasons for this treatment gap. Many Americans cannot access treatment due to provider shortages and financial barriers, and others do not seek help because they are unaware of the severity of their drug use or are dissuaded by the stigma of addiction. The Treatment Plan supports strategies to encourage healthcare providers to screen for SUD so their patients can receive appropriate treatment. It also seeks to alleviate patients’ financial barriers by working with health insurers in the private and public sectors to pay for life-saving treatment. Additionally, it seeks to explore innovative healthcare delivery strategies like telemedicine, support strategies to build the addiction workforce, and continue to combat the stigma of addiction.


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