The Most Controversial Issue in Alcohol Treatment. Highlight from Effectiveness Bank Alcohol Treatment Matrix cell C2

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Focus is on the section of last week’s matrix cell release which explored the fascinating history of the most controversial issue in alcohol treatment - whether dependent drinkers should always be advised to try for abstinence, even whether they should be denied treatment until they accept the need to stop drinking altogether and forever. The controversy was most vitriolic in 1970s USA, where it reached the headlines and TV networks, but dates back at least to a 1962 report on “Normal drinking in recovered alcoholics” from a British psychiatrist, later said to have been misled by his patients.

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Drawn from one of 25 cells in the Alcohol Treatment Matrix mapping seminal and key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

“Succinct and erudite and written in relatively plain English for the non-cognoscenti. I am an extremely experienced commissioner and yet still find this resource [matrices] invaluable and insert it in service specifications.”
Andrew MacDonald, former drug and alcohol service commissioner and PhD Researcher at Liverpool John Moores University, England


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