Hope and Beyond (HaB) Centre of Excellence for Addiction services REPORT 2017-2019

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Since its formation in 2012, Hope and Beyond (HaB) has established herself as a pioneer organisation to combine treatment and research for Alcohol Use Disorders in Uganda.

The period between 2017 and 2019 was eventful and special for within this time; HaB was officially opened, conducted ground-breaking research and scaled up outreach and treatment services. In 2017, HaB launched community based services including; free treatment for Substance Use Disorders among low income populations, offering of community service and donations to the needy. The beneficiaries of our treatment services have now increased to a cumulative total of 495 clients of which 134 were registered in 2019 alone – the highest number of beneficiaries registered in one year. On the research front, we organised two addiction professionals’ workshops to valorise our findings; managed four peer reviewed publications and shared our results in local and international conferences. Among the products of our research is a special program to care for the psychological need of the children of our clients which we are now happy to share with other addiction treatment centres.


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