The Common Core of Effective Therapies. Highlight from Effectiveness Bank Alcohol Treatment Matrix Cell A4

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Starting point in last week’s exploration of psychosocial therapies was 2018’s “impressively wise overview” of research on ‘common factors’ they share from a task force with the authority of the American Psychological Association. It was the third such project, the first of which in 1999 represented a turning point in a movement which dates back at least to 1936 and Saul Rosenzweig’s brief seminal paper, elaborated 25 years later by Jerome Frank into one of the most influential books on psychosocial therapy. Explore with us these landmarks and how they help explain unexpected findings from the two largest UK and US alcohol treatment trials.

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Drawn from cell A4 of the Alcohol Treatment Matrix, a workforce development resource mapping key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

“I remain astonished at your ability to integrate broad swathes of science in such an intelligent and concise fashion ... thank you for your indefatigable efforts to disseminate scientific findings to a broad audience; this field would have very little impact without translators such as yourself.”
Professor Keith Humphreys, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, USA


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