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The first cell of row 4 dedicated to psychosocial therapies took a research-illuminated journey to the core of those therapies, guided by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) three investigations into the ‘common factors’ they share. In 1999 the first represented a turning point in a movement which dates back at least to 1936 and Saul Rosenzweig’s seminal paper, elaborated 25 years later by Jerome Frank into one of the most influential books on psychological therapy. Latest of the APA’s investigations was 2018’s “impressively wise overview”. Explore these landmarks and how they help explain unexpected findings from the two largest UK and US alcohol treatment trials.

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“The [Alcohol Treatment Matrix] was perfect for finding specific papers/research to support a key piece of work I was doing with public health, saved me masses of time as the structure led me to the key sources I needed for our baseline work.”
Jane Ward, Independent Consultant and Trainer, England


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