Alcohol and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Individual, Societal and Policy Perspectives

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Movendi International
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The report “Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic: individual, societal and policy perspectives” is the latest research publication in the series “Alcohol and Society” that has been published since 2013 to annually collate the latest evidence about alcohol’s harm on people and society.

It is the hope that this report will help increase knowledge and awareness of alcohol-related risks in connection with both this and future pandemics, both in purely physical terms – in that alcohol weakens the immune system – as well as increased risk of the spread of infection, due to alcohol’s effect on human behaviour.


Andreasson S, Chikritzhs T, Dangardt F, Holder H, Naimi T, Sherk A, Stockwell T. (2021). Alcohol and Society 2021: Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic: individual, societal and policy perspectives. Stockholm: Swedish Society of Nursing, SFAM, SAFF, CERA, The Swedish Society of Addiction Medicine, SIGHT, Movendi International & IOGT-NTO.