Fabrication Shadow over NICE-Recommended Family Therapy. Highlight from Effectiveness Bank Alcohol Treatment Matrix Cell A5

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In Britain and internationally, study after study defies the faith placed in alcohol treatment in the criminal justice system as a way to reduce reoffending. Is it that the intensity of the interventions fails to match up to the need among offenders, or is treatment undermined by the contradictions between punishing and helping, segregation and reintegration? Explore the data and the issues, including new (unfold the ‘eye-opener’ panel) material from recent major UK prison studies.

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Drawn from cell A5 of the Alcohol Treatment Matrix, a workforce development resource mapping key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

“Makes skills development very accessible - love the fact that they [Drug and Alcohol Treatment Matrices] are truly bite-sized when compared to most other information circulated elsewhere.”
Gill Unstead, Commissioning Manager, Devon Drug and Alcohol Action Team, England


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