The Trickier the Situation, the More the Worker Matters. Highlight from Effectiveness Bank Alcohol Treatment Matrix Cell B5

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Cell B5’s research-derived understandings of therapeutic work in a criminal justice or family protection context funnelled into the final section, tempting the formulation of a general rule: The greater the formal power a clinician/therapist/counsellor has over a patient’s life, the weaker their informal influence through therapy. Does it stand up to the ‘stress test’ of evidence, experience and logic?

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Drawn from cell B5 of the Alcohol Treatment Matrix, a workforce development resource mapping key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

“I have found this resource incredibly useful. It is thought-provoking, the matrices are well laid out and offer easily accessible and comprehensive information.”
Jenny Willmott, Addictions Nurse (RGN), Glasgow Addiction Services, Scotland


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