How can you prioritise the child when your patient is the parent? Highlight from Effectiveness Bank Alcohol Treatment Matrix cell C5

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Drug and Alcohol Findings
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Guidance insists child welfare is paramount, even if your client is not the child, but their parent. The temptation is to sideline this uncomfortable but important work, placing the onus on managers to counter this through training, support, monitoring and supervision. Place yourselves in their shoes; how you would reconcile prioritising child protection with targets and expectations related to their parents’ substance use?

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Drawn from cell C5 of the Alcohol Treatment Matrix, a workforce development resource mapping key research and guidance on alcohol brief interventions and treatment.

“Especially impressive are your use of older pieces of research [in the matrices] which are often forgotten (or not learned!!) by people who have not been around for a long time ... important as I watch old mistakes being repeated.”
Ira Unell, formerly Coordinator, Leicestershire Community Drug and Alcohol Services, England


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