Strategy for Preventing Opioid Use Disorder in Communities

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UNC, NPSC, APSI, Frontier and Adapt

Key Issues

  • Substance use often begins in adolescence.
  • Any substance use in adolescence can have detrimental effects on the developing brain.
  • Effects of substance use/misuse accumulate over time increasing societal costs and public health problems.
  • Adverse childhood experiences (abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction) and social needs (e.g., food, housing) affect many youth and adolescents and often precede the development of SUD and OUD.
  • Early interventions can change the trajectory by strengthening skills including self-regulation, fostering healthy relationships, and improving community environments.
  • An integrated system of healthcare, behavioural health, and substance use services, managed by and accountable to local communities, and supported by state and regional resources, has the greatest potential to significantly reduce SUD and OUD.


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