HVC training path: activities of SerD and the hospital-territory network

Online, Italy,

Webinar: HCV elimination plans for substance users: where are we? A focus on evidence

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic slowed down the race that Italy had successfully undertaken in the treatment of patients with HCV, managing to treat more than 200,000 people until 2020. Today, the priority target of HCV elimination plans remains substance users because they represent the "reservoir" of the disease and represent a population that is difficult to reach. In the near future, three elements will be key to implementing DAA treatment in substance users: the increase in screening activities favored by the recent
Decree of the Minister of Health that guarantees the resources for carrying out this activity in the Ser.D, the development of rapid and facilitated treatment paths (on the point of care model) and the dissemination and implementation of damage reduction actions.
The webinar aims to focus on the themes of HCV disease, screening and linkage to care, treatment with DAA and harm reduction actions to provide Ser.D operators with the essential elements for the construction on the territories of efficient and effective routes able to reach all consumers of positive HCV substances and help eliminate the disease by 2030 according to what are the stated objectives of the WHO. This webinar is the first to inaugurate a path with two subsequent webinars on the subject that will further deepen the screening, linkage to care, effectiveness and safety of DAAs and damage reduction actions.

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