Verona, Italy,

31 st March 2022 – Aula Vecchioni Policlinico GB Rossi - Verona

Scientific Responsible: Fabio Lugoboni

Pathological dependencies comprise a vast field of clinical situations of varying gravity involving a significant number of patients, with an extremely limited number of drugs quoted in international guidelines.

Only 12 active ingredients are used in ALL dependencies, both from licit and illicit substances, compared for example with the 61 active ingredients which treat exclusively hypertension. Atypical neuroleptics are frequently used in treatment without any precise indication while on the other hand, promising drugs whose effects have been studied, like baclofen, topiramate, bupropion, NAC, Gabapentin just to cite a few, but also others which have been less studied like pramipexole, tizanidine, flumazenil, etc. are looked on suspiciously and hardly employed because of their off-label use.

On the 31 st March, for the whole day, there will be an in-person meeting at the Verona Policlinico on “OFF-LABEL DRUGS IN PATHOLOGICAL DEPENDENCIES: the dark side of the tool” precisely about the use of off-label drugs in the treatment of pathological dependencies, both from substance abuse and addictive behaviors, like GAP.

There will not be a parallel online connection. Experts from the field, from the theoretical, legal, and practical points of view will participate in the meeting, with an ample possibility of confronting experiences. The meeting will be free of charge, not sponsored and ECM credits will be awarded to the different professional categories present. We firmly intend to involve non-medical personnel on the discussion of pharmacological arguments so as to favour a dialogue amongst the diverse professional figures present, essential in this field in order to widen our view on the possibilities of intervention.

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