Empowering Change: ISSUP Malaysia Leads INEP Plus Training for Substance Use Professionals

ISSUP Malaysia, hosted by OAPTAR, held the INEP Plus Cohort 1 & 2 training - Introduction to Evidence-Based Prevention - “Plus” offers a programme of work supported by training from ISSUP to introduce people to the basics of prevention science and evidence-based prevention.

The INEP Plus Course was designed as an online programme to be offered virtually and requires 40 hours to complete. There were a total of 10 Sessions of content for each cohort between 2nd March and 25th May, 2023 which required up to 2 hours individual study on the online learning platform.

The participants attended a one hour didactic lecture presented by the trainers before breaking into small groups to discuss the following questions:

  • What was the learning from the lectures?
  • What was new for you?
  • What captured your attention?
  • What was not clear?
  • Which doubts or questions arose from the lectures?

The trainers encouraged the participants to engage and participate by suggesting that participants take turns to report back to the plenary. In total, 14 training participants completed the course and received certificates.


Reflections of Participants

“The INEP+ training helped to increase my insight into addiction and prevention. It also helped with awareness towards the addiction, recovery and prevention community. I feel confidence in knowledge and support gathered from the classes.”

- Jasmin

“This programme equips professional helpers well, by deepening their knowledge and skills. More importantly, it shapes the attitude of these helpers by facilitating them to take a wider perspective when conducting the relevant and practical intervention and treatment plans for supporting and assisting the various stakeholders.”

- Krish 

“I find the INEP+ training informative and eye opening. It is good to familiarise yourself with the evidence-based frameworks used for existing programmes. It is useful as well to find a list of said programmes for reference, whether they are piloted or ongoing for years. The training overall is very holistic, and hopefully we can translate the information culturally for Malaysia's implementation.”

- Saw

"I found the course simple to digest and straightforward to grasp [...] It was timely and structured, which I appreciate very much. The supportive, encouraging and reinforcing environment promotes independence in knowledge and support gathered from the classes.”

- Alia

“It’s my first time coming across a training focused on foundations of prevention science and evidence-based prevention practices, that’s why I grab the opportunity to join the modules. I had the privilege to learn from professionals from various background in exploring different perspectives on substance abuse prevention and treatment. Moreover, the online mode of the programme made it convenient for us to learn from the modules and interact with our classmates.”

- Vivian

“Love the passion and enthusiasm that Ms. Cindy and Ashwin have. Appreciate them putting lots of efforts and time into it! Would love to participate if there are more programmes in the future.”

- Chervonne

“This course is a good exposure to evidence-based prevention based activities in Malaysia. Resources are freely available online to explore and discover ongoing works and efforts to prevent substance use for all walks of life. Well done to the trainers and ISSUP Malaysia for organising and providing this opportunity to me to learn and will try my best to put what I have learnt to practice.”

- Dr. Wong