ISSUP Pakistan

ISSUP Pakistan was established in Pakistan in December 2015. This page offers a very brief summary about ISSUP Pakistan. It will be updated and further developed in the months ahead.  ISSUP Pakistan also has a Facebook page with updates about its work.

ISSUP, November 2017

International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP)
SSUP Pakistan

The International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) recognises and supports those working to prevent or treat substance use disorders. Its members come from a range of careers within the field, with a professional qualification or significant experience. ISSUP brings substance use professionals together, provides them with the latest knowledge and news, and provides training and qualifications to further their professional development. ISSUP acknowledges and promotes professional, high-quality and ethical practice and study.

The ISSUP website is an inclusive information centre and the common meeting place of individuals and organisations working in the field of demand reduction. It provides members and non-members with the opportunity to share, network and learn more. You will also find the latest training and qualification opportunities.

The aims of ISSUP include:

  1. Training: Providing access to training opportunities and qualifications/credentials, supporting the professional development of substance use professionals
  2. Research: Sharing research and promoting the need to put research into practice
  3. Professionalization: Recognizing study and practice within the substance use field as a profession
  4. Networking: Developing the community of substance use treatment and prevention professionals and facilitating their communication and collaboration.

There are many reasons to become members of ISSUP

  • Receive updates to keep you informed about the latest research and news from the field
  • Achieve recognized qualifications/credentials
  • Find out about relevant trainings happening near you
  • Get support from your colleagues around the world
  • Receive continued professional development opportunities
  • Share your experiences and work with the ISSUP community

By joining ISSUP you will be part of the network of professionals ensuring that quality, evidence and ethics inform every aspect of your work.


A connected, trained, knowledgeable, and effective international network of substance use prevention and treatment professionals undertaking and promoting high-quality, evidence based, ethical activity.


To develop Substance Use Prevention and Treatment as an independent and multidisciplinary field through the professionalization and development of its workforce.

ISSUP is in the process of establishing National Chapters. ISSUP Pakistan is one of the first National Chapters under development.

Further information about ISSUP Pakistan will be added to this website within the coming weeks.

November 2017