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President Biden issues proclamation for overdose awareness week

President Biden issued the first ever Presidential Proclamation recognizing August 29, 2021 – September 4, 2021 as Overdose Awareness Week – a time to honor the lives lost to the overdose epidemic and recommit to both preventing overdoses and supporting individuals with substance use disorder. In the Proclamation, President Biden reaffirmed his Administration’s commitment to implementing a strong response to the overdose epidemic and expanding access to evidence-based prevention, treatment and harm reduction efforts, reducing

Monitoring and evaluation for community based prevention systems

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are essential in strengthening Community-Based Prevention Implementation Systems, through this process organizations collect and analyze data, and determine if the Substance use prevention- intervention (EBIs) is attaining (has fulfilled) its desired goal. Monitoring begin right away from inception and extends through program or project life like process or outcome evaluation. “Evaluate what you want because what gets measured gets produced “said James Belasco. Every organization need to have monitoring and evaluation

Overdose recognition and management: Reading list

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According to the World Health Organisation, around half a million deaths each year are attributable to drug use. More than 70% of these deaths are related to opioids, with more than 30% of those deaths caused by overdose. Signs, symptoms, and management of an overdose differ depending on the situation and substance used. Below, is a list of research, publications, and tools on the subject of overdose recognition and management.

Periods of altered risk for non-fatal drug overdose

Keen, C., Kinner, S. A., Young, J. T., Snow, K., Zhao, B., Gan, W., & Slaunwhite, A. K. (2021). Periods of altered risk for non-fatal drug overdose: a self-controlled case series. The Lancet Public Health, 6(4), e249-e259. Chicago

The risk of an individual overdosing is influenced by a range of, often overlapping circumstances. Factors such as incarceration, mental and physical health conditions, and the treatments prescribed for these conditions can all affect the risk of overdose.

This study, published in The Lancet Public Health, aimed to: 

Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth: Evidence-Based Interventions

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,
The global data indicates that the age of starting tobacco usage is decreasing rapidly. This not only has been causing many serious health consequences but is also increasing a lot of social issues. On the other hand, early use shows a high risk of leading to the use of other substances such as heroin in adulthood. Therefore, prevention and early intervention in this population are very crucial. In order to contribute to promoting the youth tobacco use prevention program in the near future in Vietnam, VHATTC organizes an online session on "Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth: Evidence-Based Interventions".

Effects of minimum unit pricing for alcohol in South Africa

Gibbs N, Angus C, Dixon S, et al Effects of minimum unit pricing for alcohol in South Africa across different drinker groups and wealth quintiles: a modelling study BMJ Open 2021;11:e052879. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-052879

Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol is a policy whereby a set price is introduced, below which a fixed volume of alcohol cannot be sold to the public. Several countries, including Scotland, Canada, certain states of the USA, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, have adopted different forms of MUP.