Online Echo Training on the Living Drug Free (Child) Curriculum in Bangladesh

Drug abuse is a tremendous menace in society with grave biological, social, financial, psychological, and security effects on the individuals, families, and the community. In the context of our country, the number of children with drug abuse is increasing day by day. To providing proper services to living drug-free the child Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has organized fifteen days long training for addiction professionals including psychologists, physiatrists, doctors, and other treatment professionals from the country’s

The Future of Motivational Interviewing: Where to from here?


Russell, Steve, Joel and a couple of very special guests will blast off to explore new directions, areas of research and outside the box ideas for the future of Motivational Interviewing.

Spontaneous contributions from our audience of space travellers will be most welcomed.

Toolkit for Opioids, Alcohol & Tobacco in HIV

Created by
Yale University

The Yale Program in Addiction is pleased to make available resources from the Working with HIV Clinics to Adopt Addiction Treatments Using Implementation Facilitation (WHAT-IF?) multi-site study, for any HIV or primary care clinic seeking to integrate addiction treatments for Tobacco, Alcohol, Opioid, and other substance use disorders into their clinical practice and care models. 

Applied Prevention Science International (APSI)- Upcoming Courses

The APSI Education Centre is running a series of summer courses. Find out more about the events below. Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Policies: New Tools for Prevention Professionals Sep 24, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT Sep 29, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT This course features one of the major outcomes from more than 30 years of prevention science. The term “evidence-based” has long been applied in the medical field and now is a

Màster en Addiccions- Universitat de les Illes Balears

Universitat de les Illes Balears Les addicions esdevenen un greu problema social que requereix una resposta en l'àmbit formatiu i especialitzat. Amb aquest màster canalitzam els fruits de la investigació científica entorn del camp de les drogodependències. Es tracta d'un màster que recopila les aportacions del Currículum Universal de Prevenció (UPC) i del Currículum Universal de Tratament (UTC) i que aporta una visió multidisciplinària, recorrent visions procedents de la farmacologia, el dret penal, aspectes ètiques