Dr Pamela Kaithuru

Dr. Pamela R.N. Kaithuru Dr. Pamela R.N. Kaithuru is a public servant in the department of Meteorology, Kenya, in-charge of the Departments Counseling Unit responsible for implementation of Public Sector Workplace Policies on HIV, Alcohol and drug Abuse and psychological counseling. She is a practicing Psychologist, trained meteorologist and Accredited in the field of addiction treatment in Kenya. She is an author, widely published several papers in the field of addiction, HIV, climate change besides Christian literature and contribution in magazine articles. Further Dr. Pamela is a recognized trainer in the public sector with over 15 years of experience facilitating workshops and seminars in various government agencies, mentoring various committee members in cross-cutting issues such as HIV, ADA, mental health and gender mainstreaming. She is a member of the ISSUP Kenya executive board and is credentialed as an addiction professional (ICAP I).